Most standard insurance policies require action within one year of damage. Are you reaching that deadline? We're here to help.

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Comparing estimates from a few companies can be a smart idea - but, can also be overwhelming. Cole from Capital Construction walks us through 4 things to compare when reviewing estimates. License and Insurance Check with each contractor and get a copy of their license and insurance.

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It has been about a year since some devastating storms hit the midwest. Now is your last chance to address hail and wind damage if you haven't yet! Erik touches on what could happen if you don't address the damage in this week's FAQ! How Long Do I Have to File an Insurance Claim After a Hail Storm?

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In our world today, everything seems to cost more. Insurance is not immune to this trend. To mitigate this trend and hopefully stay in this market, most if not all carriers have started making aggressive changes.  How will this affect you, your association, or your property?

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Are you ready for severe weather? Each year, Homeland Security and Emergency Management in collaboration with the National Weather Service sponsors Severe Weather Awareness Week in Minnesota.

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