Do Fireworks Present a Threat to Your Roof?

Some roofs are more susceptible to a roof fire than others. 

fireworks over suburban home

If you have had your roof replaced within the past few years and haven't experienced any extreme weather conditions within that period of time, your roof should withstand sparks from fireworks this Fourth of July. 

Modern-day shingles are made of clay, asphalt, slate, metal, or synthetic materials. These are all fire-resistant materials! 

However, there are other threats to your home.

Threats to Your Roof

Debris laying on your roof or stuck in your gutters can be flammable. High wind speeds, hail, and other extreme weather events can expose the inner layers of your roof or even attic. 

Before the Fourth of July Weekend, take the time to protect your home from the threat of fireworks.

Steps to Protect Your Roof Against Fireworks

1. Be sure to clear your roof and gutters of any debris like tree branches or leaves.

2. Call an expert to inspect your roof and ensure any holes get patched up.

3. Cut back low-hanging branches that already pose a threat to  your home, but pose an even bigger threat this weekend.

4. Celebrate with fireworks away from any structures, including your home.

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