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We work with A LOT of homes that are damaged due to storms. Here are three ways you can file a claim with your insurance carrier and get your home back to tip-top shape!

1. Call your Local Agent

If you have a local agent that you talk to about your premiums, give them a call and let them know your home is damaged.

2. Online

Go to your insurance carriers website. There will be a button that says "File a Claim." It will guide you through the steps!

3. Using an App

Bigger carriers like State Farm, Allstate, or American Family have an app that you can file a claim there. It will be the same app that you use to pay your bills online.

When filing a claim, they will ask you two things.

If you have had your roof inspected by a contractor. If you have, tell them yes. If not, them them no. It doesn't matter either way.

They will also need the date of the storm. If it is hailing or if there is a big windstorm, tornado, etc. write the date down just in case you need to use it!