So, the insurance adjuster is pulling out of your driveway after telling you 'Your roof is approved to be replaced/repaired! Congrats!'

Now what?

  • The first thing you will receive from the insurance company is a Summary of Loss. It's a small paragraph that goes over the benefits of your loss. 
  • The second thing you'll receive is a Scope of Loss. You'll give this to your contractor. It tells us what parts of the roof got approved. And, if there are any additional damage to gutters, siding, gutters, etc. Anything in the claim that your adjuster approved is in this document! 
  • Last, you'll receive the ACV check! ACV stands for Actual Cash Value and it's the first check you'll receive to pay for your oof. You'll give this to your contractor as well.

Now, you're probably wondering how you're going to receive all this information.

It will come via email and/or in the mail!

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out! We would love to answer them!