Man with hat and sunglasses holding a gutter guard with text next to his head reading "Get Ready For FALL"

Do your gutters take a hit every winter? Try these three tips on your own home to avoid damage and leaks!

Gutter Guard

The number one problem people have is leaves clogging up their gutters. 

This big problem has an easy fix! A gutter guard or screen is places on top of the gutters to prevent leaves getting in and causing problems.

Deicing Cables

Once winter shows up, snow and ice will start building up in valleys and eaves in your roofing system. 

An easy way to prevent this is installing deicing cables in a zig-zag pattern on your roof.

Gutter Cleaning

Even of you aren't getting new gutter screens or deicing cables, one thing we highly recommend is getting your gutters cleaned. 

After all of the leaves have fallen, clean your gutters yourselves or hire someone. You do not want leaves built up in the gutter system over the winter. Ice dams will form!

Happy Fall, everyone!