For us at Capital Construction, a roof replacement takes on average a day!

Chief Operations Officer Erik Bergeson breaks down Roof Replacement Day with Capital Construction. Here's what to expect!

Our Production Manager Brian is going to to determine what crew to send to your home based on how big, steep, and complex your roof is!

The crew is going to get there around 7am! They're going to immediately start putting up tarps to protect your landscaping. 

After that, they'll start removing your old roofing system. All the way down to the wood!

Once the roof is clear, they'll start weather proofing your roof with ice and water shield, felt paper, drip edge, etc. 

The crew should take a lunch break for an hour around this time! That was a lot of hard work and we're only half way done!

After lunch to the end of the day, they'll install your new shingles. They'll clean up, take the trailers, and make it like we were never there!

Just like that, one day later, you have a new roof!