There are thousands of options to pick from... How do we pick the best color for your home?
Director of Multifamily Operations Derek Muelken gives us 3 things to keep in mind when choosing in this week's FAQ Friday!

1. Timeline

Talk to your Project Manager, they will advise you to pick shingles that will be available for your project! 

2. Future
Roofing shingles should last up to 30 years. 
Are you planning to update any other parts of your home in that timeframe? If so, keep in mind the color of your shingles! 

3. Architectural Shingles

This kind of shingle provides a lot of dimension! 
This dimension comes from the different colors in the granules. The undertones of the shingles can be used strategically to highlight aspects of your home!

During this process, you won't be alone. Our Project Managers have a trained eye and will assist you in picking the best option for your home. 

Have any more questions? Send them our way, we'd be happy to help! And, maybe you'll see your question on next week's FAQ Friday!