This summer, Capital Construction exceeded all expectations and more than doubled our project completion goal. In order to keep up with the demand, Capital hired additional support for the production office.

One of those hired was Sami Gackle.

Sami is the daughter of Production Administrator Chris Gackle, a key player in Capital’s success.

“I was looking for a more challenging job, one with more hours. My mom said the Production Office could use some help.”

During her first days at the office, amid the busiest season yet, Sami was there to “do what she could to help.”

In the beginning, Sami was pulling work permits. Soon, her work diversified and she was answering the phones, completing mortgage paperwork, and assisting anyone she could. Virtually every person in the office had Sami’s help at least once over the summer.

More recently, she has moved into a more steady position, in a different department as Capital’s Accounting and Operations Associate, where she is filing mortgages and receipts, receiving payments, and creating monthly financial reports.

It takes a unique person and a welcoming office environment to do the constant adjusting that Sami did. 

She attributes her success to the great communication and fantastic training that was provided by her colleagues. She felt comfortable trying something new on a daily basis because “it was okay to make mistakes and ask questions. And, even though it’s busy, it’s fun.”

“I’ve learned so many new skills, including in-depth financial responsibilities. And also patience with myself. Learning something new, creating reports, and sitting on hold for the mortgage companies all takes patience.”