Comparing estimates from a few companies can be a smart idea - but, can also be overwhelming.

Cole from Capital Construction walks us through 4 things to compare when reviewing estimates.

License and Insurance

Check with each contractor and get a copy of their license and insurance. 

Make sure you are in good hands before committing!

Quality Materials

Compare materials and components being used.

Everything from dip edge and ventilation systems to the manufacturers of the shingles. Check to see if the contractor will be installing all the right pieces onto your home and ensure you are getting the best materials for your price point!


Manufacturer's warranties can vary from contractor to contractor! It depends on their relationship with the manufacturer and their qualifications. More trusted and trained contractors will have better warranties. 

Contractors will also have a workmanship warranty. Check with each contractor to see how long this warranty is. 

Job Site Management

At Capital Construction, we have a foreman and a project manager on site. The foreman is there when the crew is there and leads the crew. 

The project manager is there to communicate with you and your neighbors. They're there to answer any questions before, during, and after the project!

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