With Capital Construction actively pivoting to expand the multi-family division of the company for nationwide solutions, it was clear that there needed to be some new additions to the team for it to be more knowledgeable and competitive in the rental space.

Taunee Sellers was the solution to this problem

A Northfield, Minnesota native, Taunee has over two decades of experience in the property management world. In the past, she has made numerous connections with various companies, vendors, contractors, and people throughout the property management industry.

These connections and opportunities have taken her all across the country, as she has lived and worked in cities like Dallas, Detroit, Denver, and the Northern California area. She has incredible knowledge of working with residents, and such a grasp of the importance of communication. These things make her a favorite among those looking for expertise and trust when considering a construction contractor.

She knows her stuff

Taunee is excited to develop the apartment piece of the multi-family division. Different from townhomes and HOA, it requires a different approach that works more with property and construction managers and less with the people who live there. With her on our team, we're able to identify the different needs that the various types of housing requires.

Additionally, her knowledge of understanding what onsite management will experience during a construction process has helped us support our relationship with construction, and develop our client communication portal.

“After spending 20+ years in the property management industry, I realized it was time for a change. In my life before Capital I became an expert in the world of property management. But, I was so passionate about the people aspect of my job.

I wanted a company that would be aligned with my goals and values. That company was Capital. I personally saw the beginning and the growth of Capital and it was inspiring to watch. I knew I wanted to be a part of the culture that Andy created.”

Relationship building is key

Throughout Taunee’s 22 year career in Property Management, she not only built but maintained solid relationships with property management professionals, key decision makers, and vendors. These relationships have allowed her a seat at the table with some of the largest property management companies in the country and could lead to powerful partnerships with Capital.

The Perfect Fit for the Team

In addition to her vast industry knowledge, Taunee has a personality that could take her anywhere. We at Capital feel as though it is just as much her bubbly nature, friendly demeanor, and supportive work ethic that contributes to her large success. These things are exemplified by her first major project being a massive success, where she was able to secure almost $1.9 M in approved property damages for a 12-building apartment community.