Ice and Water Shield is the water proof barrier that goes under your shingles.

Colton Ward, Senior Project Consultant at Capital Construction shares his knowledge on this crucial part of the roofing system in this week's FAQ Friday!

Ice and Water shield is a type of underlayment that protects you and your home from water damage.

We regularly use TriBuilt brand ice and water shield. TriBuilt describes their barrier as 'modified-asphalt fiberglass reinforced membrane.'

When our installers nail it to the roof, the asphalt and fiberglass materials seal over the nail holes in order create the highest level of protection. The sticky backing also helps attach to the roof's surface.

Ice and Water shield protects against ice dams, wind driven rain, and generally, a moist climate. 

It is extremely important in Minnesota because of our harsh winters and freeze/thaw cycles. 

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