After a hail storm, we can guarantee there will be roofing contractors knocking at your door.

Why do we do this and how is it helpful for YOU?

Make You Aware

We want to make you aware of the damage that you could have on your home. 

Check out any soft metals you have on your property. Vehicles, downspouts, if these have dings and dents it's a good idea to have a contractor look at your roof and other parts of your home. 

It's Your Responsibility to File a Claim

Typically, your insurance company isn't going to tell you when your home has been damaged. 

It's our job to inspect your home and make you aware of the damage.

Then, it is your responsibility to file a claim and communicate with your insurance company. 

Efficiency is Key

Make sure that you're not filing a claim after every minor hail storm. 

It's not worth it.

Have a trusted contractor inspect your roof to tell you if filing a claim is warranted. 

How do you know you can trust the contractor? We gave you some tips in this FAQ: How to Pick a Contractor

Curious about a past hail storm? You have about a year to address hail damage! 

Give us a call if you need an inspection!

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