Most standard insurance policies require action within one year of damage.

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Every Friday we're answering your questions!  We work with A LOT of homes that are damaged due to storms. Here are three ways you can file a claim with your insurance carrier and get your home back to tip-top shape! 1. Call your Local Agent If you have a local agent that you talk to about your...

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Every week we're answering your questions! Here's this week's -  "Do I need a contractor present when my insurance company is looking for damages?" First off, it is within insurance companies' best interest to minimize the loss where ever they can. Second, frequently with big storm events, loca...

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Every Friday we're answering your questions! Here's another one we get a lot whenever a hail storm comes through. "What does hail damage even look like? And how do I know my roof may be damaged?" Here are 4 things you can look for after a storm. If you do find any of these signs of damage, call your...

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This is probably the most common question we get.  'Will my insurance rates go up after I file a claim?' The short answer is no. A claim regarding a storm is deemed an 'act-of-nature' claim. You couldn't do anything about it to prevent it. Your rates cannot be raised based on these kinds of cla...

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