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Since 2011, residents of the Greater Minneapolis area have been relying on the professionals of Capital Construction. Throughout our time in the remodeling industry, we have had the opportunity to gain both residential and commercial experience. That means you can count on our experts to handle all of your exterior remodeling projects—big or small!

Not only do we offer a wide range of professional services, but we also make sure to pair them with high-performance products. You deserve the very best with roofing, siding, and gutters, and our contractors are committed to leaving you with exactly that.

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First-Time Storm Damage?

How long do I have after a hail storm to file a claim if I need to?

The average length of time you have to file a claim is going to be a year. For most insurance companies you're going to want to get your property inspected and looked at and a lot of them want you to have the work done or at least started by that year mark. Let's just say you have a hail storm last year and you've just been busy so you haven't got around to it but are only a few months from approaching that 1-year mark. It's very important to at least have it looked at your insurance. Your insurance company might actually tell you that they're not going to insure your roof anymore or they'll just give you an actual crash value policy which loses a lot of value to you.

Let's say you want to go to sell your house three years from now. The first thing that they're going to do is have your home appraised for the new buyers and they see you got hail damage in your roof. You're going to have to drop the price of the sale of your home by the cost of a new roof which can be about twenty thousand dollars depending on the roof. That's a huge deal. Another reason to at least have your roof looked at by someone who knows what they're doing whether you have anything going on or not.

If I File A Claim, Will My Rates Go Up?

The short answer is no. A claim regarding a storm is deemed an 'act-of-nature' claim. You can't specifically have your rates raised by your insurance carrier as you couldn't do anything to prevent it event from occurring.

Something to keep in mind is that if enough claims come out of a certain zip code, everyone's rates may go up short term.

The process is pretty simple, have your property evaluated, and see if you did have damages and if you do, it is in your best interest to file a claim. That is why you have insurance on your property.

How To File An Insurance Claim For My Roofing Project?

There are three ways to file a claim with an insurance company.

  1. Call your local agent: Let them know that you had storm damage on your roof and that you would like to get a claim started.
  2. File a claim online: Go to your insurance company's website and look for the 'File a Claim' button. It will guide you through the steps on what to do.
  3. File a claim through your insurance carriers app: Most bigger insurance carriers have an app that has a portal for you to file a claim through.

When it comes to filing the claim itself be prepared to answer a few questions from your insurance provider such as:

  • Was your roof inspected by a contractor?
  • What day did the storm occur?

Is It OK To Meet With An Adjuster Without A Contractor?

There are many reasons you will want a contractor with you when an adjuster comes to assess the damages to the exterior of your home.

A lot of times when major storms come through local adjusters cannot handle the volume of claims coming through. They will reach out to other states, and people around the country to come in and help. They are called independent adjusters.

They come in and write claims for these local carriers but since they are not local to the area's building codes. They might identify hail damage and the scope of repairs correctly but might be missing a lot of the items that are required in Minnesota due to our harsh winter conditions such as ice and water shields.

From there the adjuster is going to look for signs to see if there is marginal damage or if it is on the border of the damages being able to be covered by insurance. Keep in mind that the adjuster for the insurance company is the insurance company's representative, they're told to mitigate or minimize the loss where they can.

That is why having a contractor on your side is important as they will advocate the damages that should be covered for you. Here at Capital Construction, we are your proponent. We're doing everything that we can to make sure that you are getting coverage for the damages that we see.

We will have a conversation at that time with the adjuster and try to get you covered for a roof or siding replacement.

It's great to have two sets of eyes. A contractor on your side and an adjuster working for the insurance company meet at the same time to talk about the damages and come to an agreement on the scope of repair damages to the property.

Your Roof Is Approved To Be Replaced, Now What?

The next step after receiving approval for your roof to be replaced is you will receive a summary of the loss from your insurance provider. It is a small paragraph detailing the benefits of the loss.

The second thing you're going to get from your insurance company is a scope of loss. This is what you will provide to your contractor when reviewing the project details. This covers what parts of the roof got approved and if there are any additional damages to the gutters, pieces of siding, or a window.

The last thing is that you will receive your first check which is the ACV (Actual Cash Value) check and the term that insurance companies use. You will give this to your contractor as well.

How you can expect to receive this information in two ways. First, it will come via email to make sure to give the adjuster the correct email address. The second way you can receive this information is through your mail.

What Is The Process Of A Gutter Installation?

Call us for an expert opinion.
Our certified contractors are trained to spot storm damage and can let you know whether an insurance claim is warranted.
Get the paperwork done.
We’ll help you file your claim, understand your insurance company’s scope of work, and apply for additional coverage if needed.
Work with the insurance company.
Your insurance provider will require in-person verification of your claim. We’ll be present at this meeting to make sure it goes smoothly. Once approved, the insurance company will send funds to begin the project.
Gutter Installation
We get to work.
From preparing your home to installing and cleaning up, we’ll replace your storm-damaged gutters efficiently and professionally.
Finalize the restoration.
After your new gutters is installed, we’ll do a walk-through to make sure it’s up to standard. We’ll answer any questions and explain warranty coverage. We’ll also work with your insurer to finalize payment.


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