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All insurance claim work has been completed with the exception of gutters on select buildings and final screen repairs.  Gutters will wrap up this week as will screen work.

Any remaining punch list items to be completed next week.

Thank you for your patience throughout this project!  It was a pleasure working with you!


We should finish siding on all buildings by end of day tomorrow (except for shutters which are delayed as a result of material being delivered broken) with excess materials slated for pick up on Friday afternoon.

Buildings 1-10 gutters are complete, with building 11 and possibly building 12 scheduled to start Friday .  We expect to complete the gutter work by the end of next week, weather pending.

Lastly, screens will be replaced next week with notices being posted on Friday. 


Leftover materials near building 10 will be removed tomorrow (Thurs.)

Buildings 12 and 13 will finish up today and building 11 will be completed by the end of the week.

Buildings 7 & 8 gutters should be finished up today as well.

Screen repairs will be starting the week of Sept. 20th.  Please keep an eye out for a posting on your door around Sept. 17th with directions and details.

Buildings 14 and 15 will start tomorrow.

All siding work should be finished up next week!

As always, the above is subject to change and dependent on weather.


As a result of the rain today, the majority of our crews are not working.  We do have a couple people onsite buttoning up items which are required before the weekend, however will be returning next week Tues. to continue with the project.  No work is expected to take place Sat. or Mon. in observance of Labor Day.

To date buildings #1-#10 are completed (with the exception of gutters), buildings #12 and #13 are underway and buildings #14 and #15 will be started next week.

Screen replacements will begin after siding has been completed.  Notices will be posted on each unit prior to the screen work taking place.

All of the above is weather pending.

Enjoy the long weekend!


We will be finishing up with buildings #8 and #10 tomorrow.  We also started working on buildings #12 and #13 as of today. 

Buildings #1-#7,and #9 are completed with the exception of some remaining gutter work (all gutters down on Weston will be wrapped up today).  Gutter replacement will begin on building #6 today/tomorrow.

Building #11 will start Thursday/Fri. and the last two buildings #14 and #15 will be started next week.

Screen repairs will follow upon completion of the siding replacements.

All of the above is weather permitting.


The rain today created some delay, however we're moving along.

We have materials for 2 more buildings set up for delivery on Thursday 8/26. 

Building #12 - 16348 70th Ave N

Building #13 - 16330 70th Ave N

We expect work to start on buildings 11, 12 and 13 Thurs./Fri. with the siding getting wrapped up on buildings 8, 9 and 10 Thurs. as well (weather pending).  Notices have been posted to the garage doors of the units which are slated for work with additional instructions and preparations, etc.


The majority of siding work will be completed on buildings 6 and 7 today with buildings 9 and 10 getting started tomorrow. 

Gutter work will be finished up on building 3 tomorrow with building 4 getting started tomorrow as well.  Gutter work is tentatively scheduled for building 5 on Tues.

We expect the gutters on each building to take approx. 2 days to complete.

Please remember all of the above is weather pending.


Reminder: Vehicles are to be parked off of the driveway during construction on your building.  Homeowners cannot drive into or out of the garage while work is taking place as equipment, debris and materials will be spread around while they're working on each building.  The contractor will NOT take responsibility for damages caused as a result of those who fail to comply with the parking requirements during construction.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


Materials are being delivered to buildings 9, 10 and 11 today with work starting later this week and next week.

Buildings 6 and 7 are underway with building 8 starting today as well.

Final touches will be completed on the buildings down on Weston (shutters, gutters, etc.) this week and possibly into next week.

We have had some delay as a result of a few crews having some issues with their vehicles.

Thanks for your patience and understanding throughout this project!


We picked up the pace some, and building 7 (16317-16323 70th Ave. N.) siding will be started today!

Gutter work should begin on buildings 6967-6957 Weston and 6959-6951 Weston tomorrow (Aug. 13th) with building 6983-6973 taking place next week.

We have the following building material deliveries scheduled for next week Wed. (Aug. 18th)

Building #9 - 16306-16316 70th Ave N.

Building #10 - 16322-16332 70th Ave N.

Building #11 - 16338-16346 70th Ave N

Each building will be posted prior to siding work starting on the building, however not necessarily prior to material delivery.

Shutter installations and covered screen replacements/repair will take place at a later date, however will be less intrusive to homeowners.

All of the above is weather pending.


The siding project is coming along with all 5 buildings on Weston slated to be finished up by Mon., Aug. 16th. 

We expect to start working on building 16305-16315 70th Ave. N. tomorrow with buildings 16317-16323 and 16301-16311 70th Ave. N. starting on Monday, Aug. 16th, all is weather permitting.  Notices will be posted on your garage doors in advance of working beginning on your building.

Please understand the above schedule is subject to change and shutter installations on each building may not take place at the same time siding is installed.

We thank you for your patience throughout this project!


Materials will be delivered for the following buildings on Tues., 8/10/21: 

16305 70th Ave N (building 6)
Work to begin on Tues., 8/10/21

16317 70th Ave N (building 7)

Work to begin on Thurs., 8/12/21

16301 70th Ave N (building 8)

Work to begin on Tues., 8/17/21

All of the above is weather permitting and subject to change.  Notices will be posted to the garage doors of each unit prior to work starting.

Buildings 6981-6989 and 6965-6975 will be wrapped up this week with> siding getting finished up Wed./Thur. and gutters following on Thurs./Fri.

Buildings 6951-6959 will be worked on tomorrow and 6957-6967 and 6973-6983 will likely have siding starting on Wed.

All of the above is weather permitting and subject to change depending on crew speed, etc.

Due to extreme heat and rain, work may be delayed or postponed on your building. Work will commence when weather permits.

Thank you for your understanding.

Starting the siding work on MONDAY JULY 26th, weather permitting
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Siding Map 

In the coming weeks, tentatively July 7th, we will be starting the insurance claim repairs throughout the Deerfield Park Association.  The scope of work includes replacement of roofs and siding within the association.


Weather pending, We're currently working on the roofing portion of the project and will finish up with the first 3 buildings (16338-16346, 16348-16354, 16305-16315) today. We are delivering materials for the following buildings today and are also scheduled to boom them up onto the roof:

16323-16317 with a projected removal/replacement start being Friday

6975-6965 with a projected removal and replacement start being Friday

6959-6951 with a projected removal and replacement being Friday

All buildings listed above have notices which have already been posted.  We will post the following buildings today for a material delivery and boom of Friday with a removal and replacement start on Monday: (weather permitting!)

16340-16330, 6989-6981, 16311-16301

This will get us back on schedule with the original plan. 

Below is the material delivery and boom schedule going forward.  We will post notices before boom and material delivery noting the replacement start date.

Friday 7/9 - bring out next 3 buildings and boom (bldgs. #3)

Monday 7/12 - bring out next 3 buildings and boom (bldgs. #4)

Wednesday 7/14 - bring out final 3 buildings and boom (bldgs. #5)

What To Expect

There will be disruptions and required accommodations to be made by residents.  We appreciate your patience throughout the project and your understanding as we work through repairs. 

As with any large construction project, some issues are anticipated.  Please report them to us as soon as possible so we can address accordingly.


VERY IMPORTANT: Have your vehicles off the driveway and moved away from your garage by 7:00 A.M. on the day(s) listed above to prevent damage to vehicles.

Home Interior

  • Check, and/or remove paintings, antiques, photos, mirrors, etc. from walls, as these may incur damage if they fall due to the walls vibrating during work. 
  • While we are working on your home, please close your window coverings during the day. This will help avoid any accidental embarrassments as the workers go up and down ladders to access the roof.


If there are any special or delicate plant or shrubs, please notify us of them before the job starts and we will protect them as best as possible.

Clean Up

One of the most important aspects of a project is keeping your home clean during the job. Here is how we strive to do this every day...

  • Clean your site during the day and at the end of the day.
  • lean your lawn and site with our magnetic “nail-finder” to reduce chance of any nails being left in your lawn.
  • Keep our tools and materials neatly organized and out of the way.

Satellite Dish

Homeowners who have satellite dishes will be without service during the re-roofing of your building.  Capital Construction will reset the dish to the best of their ability, however if you experience issues please contact Capital Construction to report them as well as notify your service provider to schedule a service call for recalibration.

If you DO NOT want your satellite dish re-installed once the roof replacement is completed, please contact Josie Flicek by July 9th at (952) 222-4004 or at to let her know so it can be properly disposed of.

Conditions Beyond Our Control

Please be aware that despite our best efforts the following may occur during improvement projects, and are not the responsibility of the contractor:

  • Existing structural problems: Such as loose or cracked plaster and drywall, sagging rafters, nail-pops, bowed walls, previously rotted or damaged materials, etc.
  • Scheduling difficulties: We do our best to stay on schedule, but mother nature and other emergencies can lead to delays. We will do our best to limit delays. The entire roof replacement project is expected to take approx. 2 days to complete.


Please do not hesitate to contact Capital Construction LLC with any questions or concerns via the website form, or by contacting our multi-family coordinator Josie Flicek directly at (952) 222-4004 or at Please include your name, phone number, address, and email when you contact us. Thank you!

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