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Header repair team has commenced unit close ups. This is a rapid process involved with the roofing area. They are currently on building 7. 30 minutes to 1 hour per unit.

The roofing repair team has completed repairs on all units and has been released to other projects. 

There is one unit in building 5 and building 2 that are being wrapped up from more extensive repairs. Once this is completed, reports for the buildings can be completed for review.

All other reports for units though building 8 have been submitted to the city. Building 9 unit reports are in process.

The goal is to be complete with all unit repairs by the end of business today (rain in the morning forecast may delay continued progress), and to handle all material storage/project close on Monday. 

Thank you for choosing Capital Construction!


Header repair team is working on building 9. 

Roofing repair team has completed building 8 and awaits the completion of building 9 before proceeding. 

Rain is in the forecast Wednesday, 10/5. This may delay continued progress.

Documentation is almost complete through 7. Last minute pictures are needed before submitting to the city for review.

Approximately 7 working days are estimated to completion of this project. 


The header repair team is moving to building 9 today.

With building 9 there is one unit on building 2 remaining for header inspection/repair.

The roofing repair team has two units with corrections found by the roofing repair lead, buildings 4 and 5. These corrections will be brief, about 1 hour per unit. The team should be moving to building 8 today.

The project is coming to a close. 

Buildings 5 - 9 will need to be closed up, which should take generally 30 minutes per unit. This will be done by the header repair team, who have 2 - 3 members, so we anticipate an even speedier output.

The roofing repair team lead is finishing documentation. Units may see him set up to capture any additional images.

Over the next few days, team may be set up in front of units to capture and/or correct issues found by document review.


The header repair team has about 7 more units to work on. Once they have completed these units they will augment the roof repair team by closing the units after the roof repairs have been made. 

The roof repair lead is currently prepping building 7 for roof repair, is close behind the header repair team, and will be augmented again on Wednesday, 09/28 or Thursday, 09/29.

This project will begin to close out shortly, with this in mind, units may see teams revisit their units for corrections requested by the city, or to capture additional documentation requested by managing parties. It is expected to take about an hour per unit, if they are visited.

Documentation for building 3 has been submitted to the city for review.

Documentation for buildings 4, 5, and 6 is in preparation.


Hadley Homeowners, please find the documents attached below. These have been emailed and mailed from the attorney representing the HOA.

FSJ to Hadley August 31

FSJ to Hadley September 26


Due to rain we will not be working today. We will resume back on Monday!


Rain is in the forecast for Friday, 09/22. This may delay continues progress.

The header inspection/repair team has started building 7.

The augmented roofing repair team is catching up to the header team. A couple members of the roofing repair team will be released to other projects when they catch up in the next few days.

Building 1 is complete and documentation has been approved by the city.

Building 2 is coordinating with one unit to finalize the repair. Documentation is pending this repair.

Building 3 is complete. Documentation is being prepared for the city's review.

Buildings 4, 5, and 6 are awaiting final completion. This involves inspecting and capturing roofing repairs tat have been performed. (About a day per building, about 1-1.5 hours per unit.)


The header repair team is currently slowed by the three consecutive header replacements on building 6.

The recently augmented roofing repair team is speeding up! They completed preliminary repairs on building 3 yesterday, and will continue on to building 4 today (couple hours per address).

A final pass on building 3 is still necessary to document the repairs provided (for city inspection and approval) and add a maintenance free trim piece at the leading edge of the deck (1 hour per address).


The city inspector performed an onsite review of the 2 open units on building 5 Wednesday, 09/14 approximately 12:30pm. The inspector was satisfied with the work performed and approved the continued work. We're clear to close the units!

The city was provided with preliminary documentation associated with the work performed and will be provided with completed documentation when all work is complete for each building. 


The header repair team is currently working on buildings 5 and 6. 

The first header replacement was encountered on Monday. The unit is currently 'opened up' for the city inspector to review and approve of the work preformed.

The EPDM 'rubber roof' repair team is slowed by the extent and tedium of the repairs required. This team is expected to be augmented on Monday, 09/19. To prepare for this, homeowners  of buildings 3, 4, and 5 may see a worker prepping the roofs for the augmented team on Monday. it should take a couple hours per unit. 

Rain is in the forecast, this may delay continued progress. 

Thanks for your cooperation!


Units 4961, 4967, 4969, 4971, 4983, 4985, 4987 have all been posted to begin. If header needs to be replaced, we will need cooperation with allowing us to get inside the garage without having to remove the door for repair. 

Again, thanks for your patience and understanding through this project. 


Due to chance of weather we will not be onsite today and will commence Monday, 09/12.


Units 4911, 4913, 4915, 4917, 4919, 4921, 4911, 4913, 4915, 4917, 4919, 4921 have all been posted to begin work Today, 09/07 and Thursday, 09/08.


Last week the work group was augmented to 4 members. These teammates were separated into two groups, the header inspection/repair team, and the EPDM repair (rubber roofing) team.

These teams are tasked with:
-verify and document the work performed by the previous service provider.
-correct and/or execute the work specified by the engineers report.
-collaborate with city inspections to verify completed work.

The header repair team is currently working on building 3. Their quickened pace is expected to slow when units that haven't been work in are encountered.

The rubber roofing team is currently working on building 2. So far, varying degrees of EPDM repair have been required for every unit.

Building 1 documentation is being prepared for final inspection.


Units 4804, 4806, 4808 have been posted for work to begin Tuesday, 09/06.


Units 4803, 4805, 4807 as well as 4792, 4794, 4796 have been posted for work to begin Friday, 09/02. 

Please ensure vehicles are out of the garage to ensure you have full use of transportation during the project. 

Now through building one we have established a good work flow based on scope and moving through units at a good pace. Please send all questions to your management company. 

Thanks everyone for your cooperation and understanding.


We will begin opening units 4782, 4784, 4786 starting today. 
If you have any questions please contact your management company or Capital Construction at 952-222-4004.

Below is a letter from the law firm representing the association regarding communications during the project and the upcoming town hall. This has also been sent via email and US mail to all homeowners. Please reach out to your management company with any questions or bring them to the town hall.  

Letter from Law Firm


We will begin opening units 4785, 4787, 4789 starting today. 
If you have any questions please contact your management company or Capital Construction at 952-222-4004.


We are officially beginning the header project today. Please review the attached notice that will be placed on your garage door a day or two prior to work beginning on your unit. 
If you have any questions please contact your management company or Capital Construction at 952-222-4004.

Work Notice


We have a little delay in progress. We still intend to get onsite Wednesday 08/17 We will meet there, get a work flow established and see how far Wednesday takes us (practically anyway).
Thursday/Friday: We will not be onsite, but will return Monday 22nd working daily from there on out.
We’ve had some material challenges.


Project start date will be August 17 the due to weather and previous project conditions. Carpenters will begin with building 1 (refer to attached site map) and work in numerical order

Notices will be posted on your unit the day prior (see attached copy) to advise of steps to be taken on your part to prepare

Updates to this page will be made as often as correspondence needs to be done. Project from start to completion will be approximately 45 days weather permitting

Crew may need to work weekends in order to finish on schedule. If this happens adequate notice will be made prior.

What To Expect

There will be disruptions and required accommodations to be made by residents.  We appreciate your patience throughout the project and your understanding as we work through repairs. 

As with any large construction project, some issues are anticipated.  Please report them to us as soon as possible so we can address accordingly.

Inspection and documentation of site conditions prior to opening. Siding, wrap, gutters, flashing will all be removed for inspection. 

Any additional work to meet code or engineer specifications will be preformed at this time. 

Once passed, buildings will be closed, wrapped and water tight. Siding may or may not be re-installed as permitted.  

Decks may require additional work to garage roofs/decks. Workers may be present in these areas. If your address is scheduled for work please keep items 8’ back from the front rail. We ask they not be occupied or in use during construction. Children and pets should not be on or in these areas. 

Repair to garage roofs requires special bracing to lift and gain access. This is time consuming and could prohibit access to garage during construction.

VERY IMPORTANT: We will need front garage drives areas clear of vehicles and debris (possibly interior garage space as well) for open ups. 


Derek Muelken will be your project manager and project lead. James and Dusty will be the carpenters on site performing the work. 

Note: All work being performed is to an engineer scope and to meet current code requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact Capital Construction LLC with any questions or concerns via the website form, or by contacting our multi-family coordinator Derek Muelken directly at (952) 222-4004 or at Please include your name, phone number, address, and email when you contact us. Thank you!

Additional References

Site Map

​​Letter From Attorney

Engineering Report

Capital Proposal

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