With the help of Rebuilding Together, Capital Construction was able to provide a veteran with a brand new roof! 

Rebuilding Together

Dating back to 1973, a group of people from Midland, Texas, noticed the increasing need for repairs to homes in the community. Many homes in their area had become dilapidated, yet homeowners could not afford to repair them on their own. A change needed to happen for community members to get the support they needed.

This group decided to volunteer their time and skills to restore the homes of their neighbors. After realizing the great positive impact, the group formed Christmas in April, with the goal of offering free repair and rehabilitation for homeowners in need each April.

Slowly but surely, word of the amazing work this group was doing began to spread. As recognition reached a national level, the company's mission grew from providing service once a year in April to bringing in others and growing the company to those in need all year long. In 1988, the national office opened, and the group renamed itself Rebuilding Together.

A Veteran in Need

Local veteran Mark Hagel has lived in his Minnetonka home for about 30 years. He is a highly awarded veteran of the Marine Corps, receiving the Rifle Sharpshooter Badge, the National Defense Service Medal, the Good Conduct Medal twice, and a letter of appreciation. Mark was also a cook and pastry chef for the Marines and was very passionate about it.

Built in the early 1900s, the home has experienced some issues over the years that would create large structural problems should they be ignored. Not only did the basement still have dirt floors, but the last roofing replacement took place approximately 20 years ago. Wear and tear from over the years was causing rainwater to leak into his single-car garage and inside the walls of his home.

In order for Mark to continue living comfortably in the home he has loved for so many years, he knew there needed to be a change. We are so thankful Mark applied to Rebuilding Together and that Capital Construction could work alongside them to provide him with the roof he needs.

New Roof, Same Day

Back some 20 years ago, Mark stated he remembered the roof taking three weeks. Thankfully, in 2023, we were able to remove his old roof and install new shingles all in one day! The crew started bright and early, around 7:30 AM, and finished around 5 PM.

Not only did Capital Construction assist with the roofing, but Kaitlyn Branyon and the rest of her team at Rebuilding Together were able to install basement insulation and transform the dirt floor into concrete.

Overall, we are incredibly proud to represent roofers and complete amazing work through our partnership with Rebuilding Together. Mark Hagel was a pleasure to spend time with during construction, and we could not be more ecstatic to have a role in restoring his beloved home.