The winter months in Minnesota are widely known for long-lasting subzero temperatures and major snowfall. Although this chilly time of year can be absolutely beautiful and is often associated with holidays and spending time with loved ones—the weather can wreak unexpected havoc on your home. 

In our decade of experience, we've seen emergency winter roof damage catch hundreds of families by surprise. That's why we've compiled all of our best advice into one comprehensive guide, so you can be prepared before the snow hits.

The Most Common Winter Roofing Emergencies

When the midwest winter hits your home, what do you need to watch for?

Winter roof damage can sneak up on homeowners. To prevent roof leaks catching you by surprise, keep an eye out for:

  • Ice Dam Formation
  • High Winds Loosening Shingles
  • Frozen Gutters 
  • Excessive Snow Build-Up

By meticulously watching for these common winter occurrences, you can assess the level of ice and snow build-up and prevent conditions from becoming potentially dangerous. 

Autumn Preventative Measures

By taking a couple of preventative steps before the cold weather sets in, you can greatly reduce the chances of damage or a leaky roof during winter. 

We recommend scheduling a professional roof inspection yearly or after any large storms. This allows you to assess the condition of your roof and catch any potential issues before secondary damage sets in. 

Cleaning all of your home's gutters and downspouts of autumn leaves and debris is another measure homeowners can take. By entering into winter with clean gutters, you're likely to find any formations of ice dams and frozen downspouts on your home are less severe.

Finding an Expert Emergency Roofing Team  

Sometimes, despite all the best intentions, the severe winter weather is overwhelming and your roof will need emergency repairs. When the time comes, it's important you already know what team you are going to call. With Minneapolis area windchills easily reaching -50 degrees Fahrenheit or below, immediate, expert roof repairs are vital.

The storm restoration professionals at Capital Construction have been providing emergency repair services in Minneapolis since 2011. Our top-rated teams get the job done right the first time, with a quick turn-around you can count on. 

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Whether you're looking ahead to prepare your roof with an inspection and any needed repairs before winter hits, or you need an emergency team to get your roof back up to par quickly, Capital Construction is the team to call. We can even help with your storm damage insurance claim

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