About the Color

According to the Owens Corning brochure, the feel of Williamsburg Gray resembles "relaxing on the porch. Being one with nature. An ageless grace that never disappoints.".

The shingle color takes inspiration from river-washed rocks and granite cliffs. The color profile consists of slate grays, volcanic blacks, and earthy browns.

The Williamsburg Grey shingle is part of their "TruDefinition" line of shingles. This type of shingle is "specifically formulated to capture bright, vibrant hues and dramatic shades.". They have a wind resistance of up to 130 MPH and feature a triple layer of reinforcement where the fabric overlays two shingles.

Extra Inspiration

Linked below is the official announcement page from Owens Corning. Located there are downloadable brochures outlining homeowner data about Williamsburg Gray as well as color pairings to make your home pop. Check these out for more information about this iconic color and inspiration on how to style your home once it is installed.

โ€‹Owens Corning | 2024 Shingle Color of the Year

โ€‹Williamsburg Gray installed by Capital Constructionโ€‹