With the commencement of 2024, it is important to announce our plans to continually develop how we build relationships with clients and partners.

A Focus From the Start

To be transparent, building strong relationships with insurance companies, adjusters, and homeowners has always been a top priority of Capital since our start in 2011. 

When a homeowner signs with Capital, we want to do everything we can to make sure the experience is mutually beneficial. The same goes for the adjusters who inspect properties and the insurance companies of the homeowners. This is how we have always done things, and we never plan to change that.

What we do plan to change is how we go about doing this. Because we truly want to be there for you when you need us, we have overtaken a new process to ensure that we can be a reliable partner for those looking to work with us.

New Addition

To start out 2024, Capital has brought on a new employee who has special knowledge of the insurance process and a natural sense of communication. 

Logan Baggott is Capital Construction's newest "Relationship Development Managers." He will be working tirelessly to be an asset to insurance companies when they need a reliable contractor to call. The overall goal is to establish a team of trusted communicators that insurance companies can reach out to for job support on a regular basis.

Throughout the year he will be building partnerships with insurance companies, therefore allowing them to put less resources towards finding a trusted contractor to fulfill jobs. Whether this be a contractual relationship to complete regularly scheduled builds or a far cry for an emergency repair, this is the guy to contact.