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Here's another one we get a lot whenever a hail storm comes through.

"What does hail damage even look like? And how do I know my roof may be damaged?"

Here are 4 things you can look for after a storm.

If you do find any of these signs of damage, call your local roofing contractor and they can give you a professional opinion!

1. Dents in Gutters and Downspouts

Especially the extensions that stretch away from the home! The lightweight aluminum these are made out of can get damaged very easily.

gutter hail damage dimples and dents

2. Cracks or Half-Moon Shapes Vinyl Siding

siding hail damage chips missing

3. Dimples in Grill

grill hail damage

4. Splotches in Stained Wood 

Hail can impact with and wood decks and railings and discolor the stain.

splotches in deck and railing is hail damage

These are just a few things we look for when evaluation a property and can give you hints as to the condition of your roof following a storm. Again, if you do see any of these things call a licensed and insured contractor to get a professional opinion.