Is it ok to meet with an insurance adjuster before meeting with a contractor?

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"Do I need a contractor present when my insurance company is looking for damages?"

First off, it is within insurance companies' best interest to minimize the loss where ever they can.

Second, frequently with big storm events, local adjusters cannot keep up with the amount of claims being filed. So, independent adjusters from all over the country are hired temporarily to take on claims for them. The issue here is adjusters from warmer and drier climates don't necessarily know building code in Minnesota. They may be able to identify and write an estimate for roof damage, but we need more protective barriers between your home and the elements to withstand all four seasons.

It is within your best interest to have a contractor you trust evaluate your home alongside an insurance adjuster. We have found that having two sets of eyes alleviates a lot of issues down the road and gets all parties involved on the same page from the get-go.