Construction on homes can be delayed for a number of reasons, especially when the construction is on the exterior of your home. 

In this week's FAQ Friday, Cole walks us through 3 unforeseen circumstances that can put a halt on your project. 


We need to make sure we have all the correct permits pulled from the city and posted on your job site the day of the build.


Sometimes, out of our control, materials and trucks can get delayed.

Without the material, we cannot install it on your home! So, your project will be delayed. 


We work outside. If we see rain coming in, even if it is a small chance, we will delay the project to the next day. 

Our crews need to be safe and we do not want them to work in harsh conditions.

Also, the roof is the umbrella of your home! We definitely don't want to remove the existing system if there is a chance of rain.

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