Both vinyl and hardboard siding are great options, but what works best for you and your home?

Erik walks us through the key differences between the two products in this week's FAQ!


Vinyl Siding

A plastic option that has been around for a long time and adds home value while maintaining a smaller price point. This type of siding comes in lots of color options. Vinyl siding has developed over the years to lose less of its color.

A great benefit of vinyl siding is that it's simple to replace. Once a piece breaks, you can easily open that section of siding, remove the damaged piece, and fit a new one in its place.


Hardboard Siding

Made of wood composite, these boards are actually tested for strength by having baseballs and golf balls launched at them. It is incredibly sturdy and does not damage as easily. A lesser-known benefit is that it keeps out bugs and infestations better than vinyl siding.

The tradeoff is that hardboard will run about 2โ€“2.5 times the cost of vinyl siding. LP, the manufacturer of SmartSide, a wood composite siding, has quoted an 83% return on your investment when you sell your home. James Hardie siding is a little bit different, as it is made from a long-lasting cement composite.


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