How do Roofers Stay Cool in the Summer?

Did you know that asphalt roofs can reach up to 50-60 degrees hotter then ambient in the summer? While working outside in hot temperatures, it is vital that workers stay cool and take precautions to keep from overheating. 

A commonly used acronym to describe steps taken to stay cool is known as "WRSR", but what does it mean?


It goes without saying that water is the best way to keep yourself from overheating or becoming dehydrated while working outside. A good meter to follow for this is about 8 ounces or one cup of water every 15-30 minutes.


On an extremely hot day, taking time from work to grab a seat and catch your breath is very important. Even 5-10 minutes out of the sun can help dramatically.


It goes without saying that on your rests, you should seek shade if possible. Shade can also refer to the clothes you wear, with long sleeves and large brimmed hats 


The last step is as simple as can be... repeat! Throughout the workday, its common to get into a groove and go at a project for hours straight. We encourage our roofers to take breaks as needed, and to pay attention to their body and what it needs.

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