Sure, you can. But, we don't see why you would. 

Free Roof Inspections

Most roofing companies offer free inspections. And, with Capital Construction ours are hassle-free.

There is no pressure to sign a contract with us, we are just here to let you know if you have damage or not and what to do about it. 

Let the Experts Do It

We have decades of experience and intensive training for diagnosing hail, wind, and other damage. 

Just because you don't see any holes, doesn't mean your roof is damage-free. We are looking for very specific things.


Walking on roofs without proper training and without the needed equipment is dangerous!!!

Please do not risk your life or your family's by getting up on your roof. It is not worth it. 

Please call an expert.

We have many blogs about how you can spot storm damage from the safety of the ground. 

Please reference these articles, and if you see signs of damage from the ground, call an expert to investigate further. 

How to Spot Hail Damage

How Do I Know My Home Was Damaged in a Storm?

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