As a trusted and experienced project consultant, Jeff Amy embodies everything Capital Construction strives to be.

Another Star From Northfield

Much like many other Capital employees, Jeff Amy hails from Northfield, Minnesota. Having that as his home town, plus his vigorous experience working in the south metro, makes Jeff more than an expert in the area and its people.

His early years of work introduced him to the construction industry, where he worked building homes in Northfield. Following this, he did a 10-year stretch working as the storekeeper in the maintenance division at Carleton College. Around the start of the pandemic, Jeff felt he needed a change from things at Carleton and joined Capital Construction as a project consultant.

It has been about 3.5 years since his start, but Jeff still hasn't taken his foot off the gas when it comes to seeking new opportunities to build relationships and create positive change.

Setting a Standard

Since the start, Jeff has been an incredible representative of the great things that Capital Construction is capable of. Last year alone, he was able to close out nearly 80 different projects. 

He claims that his sales skills come from the training that Capital has offered, which was especially helpful in becoming more comfortable with the act of selling and more knowledgeable on how to deliver value to clients. Jeff is also a big fan of how sales groups are divided so that senior project consultants can offer more tailored help to their specific group.

Despite all the growth that Jeff has been able to achieve through training and learning from peers, much of his skillset clearly comes naturally.

"Working with the Capital name behind me is a huge benefit in terms of ensuring quality and warranties for a client."

Building Relationships That Matter

One of his biggest strengths is communicating with clients and making sure they feel comfortable and reassured throughout the whole process. A prime example of this was a project he organized and completed for a home in Northfield.

This home was owned by someone who had lived there for a very long time and truly considered it their pride and joy. They were upset about the damage and desperately wanted things to look like they used to. When it comes to customers like this, it is especially important to take good care of them throughout the process. Jeff knew this and was continually able to communicate with and reassure this person that their home would be done with quality and accurate timing.

Because of this, Jeff was able to create a relationship that is bigger than work. Today, the two are still in touch and consider each other good friends due to the excellent camaraderie created during the project's construction.

It is moments like these that make us so thankful we have people like Jeff around to make a difference in the experience a client goes through when they choose to remodel their home with Capital Construction.