Without the help of this outstanding staff member, our office might as well not be standing anymore.

An Unsung Hero at Capital Construction

Among the staff at Capital Construction, some positions are inherently better understood in terms of their role within the company. Sales consultants are known for bringing in jobs, estimators for calculating project costs, and production members for work orders, materials, permits, etc.

The group of administrative staff, whose work varies by position, seems to fly under the radar next to other departments. Kimmy Coyle, listed as Front Desk Administrator, is one such member who operates multiple essential roles that keep our business running on a day-to-day basis.


New Glue Girl in the Office

Kimmy filled the role after receiving word of an opening from long-time friend and operations specialist Chris Gackle. With a degree from Mankato State University and two minors alongside it, she was more than qualified on paper. In addition to that, she has held similar roles in multiple different trade industries in the past. While it was known from the start that she was an adequate fit for the role, it was not until her first day that we realized we had won the lottery with her.


Jack of All Trades

The role of Front Desk Administrator typically features Kimmy as the first point of contact for all phone calls and in-person visitors. With this in mind, it is important to have someone who has incredible communication, patience, and troubleshooting skills. Kimmy is able to do all of this with ease, as interpersonal speaking comes naturally to her. Throughout these conversations, she is also able to do things that are harder to quantify and cannot be taught, such as bring energy, a bright smile, and a sense of comfortability and trust to those she speaks to.

Outside of handling visitors and incoming phone calls, Kimmy has a plethora of other duties that she manages. Some of them include uploading and managing leads in our CRM system, sending invoices upon request, mailing warranties, managing reviews, and communicating legal information like insurance tracking. One cool thing about Kimmy's job is that her work is helpful for a variety of different people and positions in the office. Without her managing incoming customer information and everything else she does to keep things moving on the backend of service, many people would not have what they need to succeed.


No Statistics for Heart

Arguably more important than her tangible skills for the job is her amazing heart. The comradery Kimmy is able to build with each staff member is infectious and has helped to foster the positive environment that is enjoyed today. Something about her constant smile and bubbly personality makes it easy for anyone to strike up a conversation with her. Pair this with an extensive candy selection at her front desk, and it's hard not to find yourself wandering to her for a conversation and treat during the day.

An extension of her big heart is making sure employees feel appreciated and recognized. Not only does she go out of her way to create conversation and make people feel heard, but she also sets up an array of breakfast foods for each Thursday's sales meeting. Speaking from experience, nothing beats coming in on Thursday morning to see Kimmy bringing in breakfast sandwiches and hand-cutting fresh fruit for everyone. When the meeting is over, she promptly cleans up the break room area and packages leftovers for hungry consultants to take throughout the rest of the day and Friday.


Everyones Favorite

Almost a year out from her original start date in September of 2022, Kimmy Coyle is still making a massive impact each and every day at Capital Construction. Because of the great care she takes of both staff and customers, she has become a clear fan favorite among office-goers.