When you pair drive, skill, and passion with a tiny bit of dumb luck, what do you get? Well, for Tara Hernandez, she found herself with a new dream job.

Searching for a Better Fit

After joining in the spring of 2023 as a project consultant, Tara Hernandez immediately hit the ground running and has yet to look back.

Part of the reason for her immediate success is her experience in sales. The early days of Tara's career featured expertise from working within a credit restoration company. More recently, she worked in a project consultant role within a competing exterior remodeling company around the Twin Cities. Despite having similar responsibilities, Tara was not fond of the company structure. She felt as though there was a factor of cannibalization within the sales team and minimal teamwork. Not only this, but she felt constrained by management and wanted to be her own boss. Tara knew she wanted to work elsewhere, and thankfully, Steve King of Capital ran into her at the right time.

5 Star Recruit

The connection between Tara and Steve began when they ran into each other at a restaurant in Randolph. Steve had overheard that they work in the same industry and extended a greeting to Tara. He went on to ask her about the feelings she had for her current job at the time, to which she responded by voicing her displeasure with the workmanship and environment.

After hearing this, Steve informed Tara of his role at Capital and went on to explain how it could be a solution to her current work gripes. While it was due to chance they ran into one another, it was only due to Steve's sense of Tara's hardworking nature that he agreed to schedule her an interview. Intrigued by the offer, Tara agreed to a meeting with the VP of Sales, Cole Quinnell.

During this meeting, Cole was able to explain why the company is commended for its strong sales team and excellent office culture. After only a few minutes of conversation, Tara knew that she had found the perfect opportunity. It was with great excitement on both ends that, shortly after this interview, Tara agreed to embark on a new journey with Capital.

The Winning Sales Approach

One of Tara's best skills in selling is her demeanor. The sales tactic she employs focuses on avoiding a pushy pitch, aiming to come across as the most knowledgeable salesperson.

Tara knows that there will be many other companies selling a similar service, and she beats them out by effectively making the owner aware of why we are the best. Instead of force-feeding them biased information, Tara notifies the homeowners of all the resources they can use to build their own case. This strategy was not possible when she was employed by her other company.

By being so knowledgeable and letting buyers make decisions on their own, Tara is able to build trust with her clients that she is the right person to work with and, therefore, Capital is the right company.

A Leader in the Salesroom

From the beginning, Tara has taken advantage of every opportunity to grow her skills and network with potential clients. Anytime Capital has an event outside of work, such as a parade or booth to attend, you can find Tara volunteering herself to get in the mix and help out.

The desire to help out like this comes from her natural sense of being a leader, which finds itself on display each Thursday when she is actively conversing with team members and answering questions in sales meetings. She is comfortable helping others and confident enough to know when she needs help herself. 

Through these events, she serves as an excellent representative of the quality of service and communication clients receive when they side with Capital. We at Capital could not be more thankful for the effort and level of professionalism Tara has brought to us.