After filing the insurance paperwork, your work is not over! 

We're with you every step of the way. But, here's what the homeowners should expect throughout their roof replacement.


The most important part before your roof replacement is finding the right contractor. 

We have multiple blogs talking about the slew of criteria your contractor should check off.

Here is our favorite: How to Pick a Contractor


Roof replacement is major construction!

Tens of thousands of nails are removed and tens of thousands of pounds of shingles are removed. 

Then the same amount of material is replaced!

Make sure the contractors is protecting the rest of your home. Watch out for your deck, windows, and landscaping!

Be in contact with your contractor. They will provide you with scheduling updates due to weather or material needs.


  • Make sure you get a copy of the workmanship warranty.
  • Ensure you get a full lien release once you pay the contractor.
  • Register your material warranty with the company.
  • File your work order with the kind of shingles and color. That will come in handy if any stray shingles fall of 10 years down the road or if you decide to sell the house.
  • Finally, leave a good review if your project was successful!

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