The definition of a first-in, last-out type of person.

Making the Jump

A new salesman in the spring of 2023, Justin Kubiczki has kept his foot on the gas pedal from the very start. Before joining Capital Construction, Justin operated his own painting company for 20 years. It was through this position that he built a relationship with CEO Andy Oakes when he painted his home about 10 years ago.

Accustomed to 14–16-hour work days, Justin was used to getting home just in time to tuck his kids in for bed. This strenuous schedule was achievable at one time, but he was experiencing complications that made continuing this lifestyle incredibly difficult. Not only did he want to be around his family more, but neck fusions and battles with leukemia made the physical labor expectations too much to bear. 

This is when Justin realized a change needed to be made, and he reached out to his connections at Capital Construction to find a new opportunity. Because of his diligent work and dependability in the past, he was welcomed immediately.

Leading the Pack

It is not common in sports for the rookie of the year to also be in the running for most valuable player. In the roofing industry, however, we have evidence to show that it is more than possible. As a first-year salesman, Justin is number one among all of residential sales. With numbers well above $1,800,000, he has clearly proven to be one of the strongest sales members we have.

Due to his excellent skills, Justin has been able to display the ability to land jobs larger than residential roofing. Highlights of this among his 40+ approved and completed jobs include roofing work for a gas station and a golf course. These projects are especially important to the sales team, as they serve as a testament to the wide variety of jobs Capital can service. It has also served as motivation for fellow sales members to go out and find unique opportunities to sell.

The Formula for Success

After just a brief conversation with Justin, it is quite easy to understand why his personality fosters such excellent results. He is kind, knowledgeable, and never pushy. Instead of focusing on signing jobs for himself, Justin has always been oriented towards helping the homeowner achieve satisfying results. This demeanor of his instills trust in homeowners that they will come out winners too!

Coming from a job where he would feel uncomfortable handing over bids to customers, he loves that this new position allows him to help homeowners claim money they didn't know they could. Because he is the source of knowledge, he prides himself on always explaining all options to customers. They appreciate this, as they feel their interests are being put first, as they should be. 

Overall, Justin could not have fit better into his new role with Capital. We are ecstatic that he is able to spend more time with his family again, and we cannot wait to see how he will grow further in the future!

If you want your home to look like the one below, contact Justin Kubiczki today!