When you have Colton as your project consultant, you know exactly what you're getting: dependability, consistency, and the utmost quality of customer service.

Building the Team

Back in 2016, Capital Construction was expanding to service more jobs than ever before. With the increased workload, the founders knew they needed to bring in more team members to help out. One of the first additions, alongside the original handful of people, was Colton Ward.

With his degree in building trades and his experience working as a home builder in South Dakota, Colton fit perfectly into the role. It did not take long for Colton to successfully nourish multiple projects and to become a senior project consultant due to his drive and leadership.

The Role Model for Sales

When considering Coltons excellent contributions to the company, it is important to include the intangibles. Sure, he can sell roofs with the best of them; however, his leadership within the sales department has propelled him to become a figure of guidance among new sales members.

As a senior project consultant, Colton has to focus on maintaining his own jobs and opportunities while also providing support to newcomers who need it. With the large storm season Minnesota had in 2023, there were many new sales consultants who needed training. Thankfully, we at Capital can rest assured knowing these people have Colton to train them on the ins and outs of insurance claims, how to properly inspect a roof, and advice on how to be a respectful and communicative representative.

The Proof in the Pudding

With over 1.25 million dollars in sales, Colton is among the top of our sales team. On top of this, Colton was the leader in most built jobs (10), most collected ($357,540.20), and most built sales ($336,797.70) for the month of September.

Reviews are another good metric of success. Colton is always working for the customer, as his favorite part of the job is assisting homeowners with claims and ensuring they get a proper bid. Colton is consistently bringing in excellent reviews from homeowners. Colton is a prime example of an incredible salesperson, and we at Capital could not be more thankful for the great reputation he has brought to us.

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