Is there any way to protect you home from storm damage?

At the end of the day, the weather is out of our control. We don't get to decide whether or not it hails or if wind speeds will pick up. 

But, there are a few things we can do to be prepared and minimize the damage when these events do happen.

Cut Back Branches

The easiest thing we can all to to protect our homes is landscaping. 

When high wind speeds roll in tree branches may fall onto your home, scrape your siding, or weak and dying trees may even collapse. 

Manage your property's trees to avoid major damage.

Install Impact Resistant Shingles and Sidingโ€‹

Upgrading to an impact resistant material may cost you more up front, but the investment is well worth it. 

These materials are made to withstand hail, meaning you won't have to file a claim and pay the deductible next time a hails storm rolls through.

And, your insurance company may give you a discount on your premiums.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Every few years you need to review your policy.

We are seeing more and more insurance policies with riders and endorsements directly pertaining to storm damage. And, the average homeowner has no idea!

โ€‹Uniform Appearance Endorsements and Roofing Metal Coverage are two examples that have affected many of our clients! 

These small boxes you check and single digit monthly fees can amount to tens of thousands of dollars in coverage when it comes to the next storm event.

Talk to your insurance agent when it comes to all of this advice! The most important thing is to make sure you have read through your policy thoroughly!

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